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Pour Painting Cake Tutorial

I don't know about you all, but I am slightly obsessed with pour painting. I could literally sit and watch videos of people doing different pour painting pieces for HOURS! If one pops up when I'm on Pinterest or Facebook, I literally cannot move on until I have watched the entire thing. There's just something so fascinating about the fact that colors randomly added to a cup and then poured onto a surface can make such intriguing and incredible designs. Plus, you never know what you are going to get which equal parts excites me and stresses out my perfectionist/control freak tendencies. So I figured there HAS to be a way to create this on cake! Mirror glaze cakes have been all the rage for a while now, but I wanted a different look for this project. I knew I didn't want it to be crazy shiny like mirror glaze, and I knew I wanted my medium to create what are called "cells" in pour painting. (Cells are a circular spidery pattern that appears after pouring.) After playing around with several ideas, I decided to go with a very simple powdered sugar glaze. Just powdered sugar and water. Doesn't get [...]

How to Ganache a Cake for Perfect Fondant Coverage

Have you ever seen a stunning cake with perfectly smooth fondant coverage and beautifully square corners without any weird lumps or bumps and wondered how on earth people accomplish such a thing??? I've been there! It took years of reading and trying out different methods, but I've finally found what works for me. Ganache! Any fondant cake that goes out the door has a nice smooth, sturdy coat of chocolate ganache holding up that fondant. I don't even give anyone an option. If they don't want chocolate ganache, I won't do a fondant cake. Just not happening! That may seem harsh, but I've dealt with the headaches of trying to make any other method work, and I simply refuse to mess with it anymore. So now I'm sharing the secret with all of you. You probably already know that your fondant can only be as smooth and nice as what lies underneath it. You can't use fondant to hide flaws in the underlying cake. Trust me. I've tried. ***Hanging my head in shame*** Plus, you need something sturdy that won't buckle or bulge under the weight of the fondant. Enter my hero, ganache!     Isn't that beautiful!? Smooth, [...]

Wrap It In Sugar

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