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Hello, all! I’m Rachel! And I’m a complete dork when it comes to all things sugar art. On my 22nd birthday (we won’t talk about how long ago that was…), I thought it would be fun to make myself a cake. Why? I have NO idea! But I’m so glad I did, because it turns out I LOVE SUGAR ART! I’ve always been a crafty girl by nature, so I expected to enjoy it. I just had no idea how much!

My first cake

My very first cake

Turns out, cake is my thing! After that, I started making cakes for friends and family. Next thing I knew, people wanted to PAY ME for my cakes. Who was I to say no!?

I soon decided I didn’t want to go on this cake adventure on my own, so I drug my mom into my crazy whirlwind. (Don’t worry! There was no kicking and screaming involved!) She has been my business partner ever since. And before you ask, it works fabulously! We work amazingly well together.

Three generations competing together

In 2011 we took the plunge of opening a storefront with my nine month old in tow. Wow! Talk about a LOT of work! But we loved it, and did very well. Well enough that we renovated a larger space to expand into in 2013. (Being our insane selves, we did most of the renovations ourselves. We meaning we drug our hubbies into it.) There were plenty of all nighters with my one year old sleeping in a pack and play while I laid flooring. My two kiddos were literally raised in the bakery.

In 2015, my awesome business partner/best mom ever convinced me to start competing. I resisted as long as I could, but finally gave in. And, as usual, mother knows best. It was SO much fun! I found my love of cake again after starting to get burnt out on customer orders. I was able to design and create whatever my heart desired, and it worked! I started to win ribbons, and I was hooked!

We decided to close our storefront at the beginning of 2017 and set up a private cake studio. A few months later I started teaching cake and cookie decorating classes and discovered another thing I loved – teaching others to create their own works of edible art. And that is where the idea for this blog was born. I wanted a bigger platform to be able to reach more people and share my love of sugar art.

2017 Grand National 1st Runner Up

2017 Grand National 1st Runner Up

In October of 2017 I created a piece I absolutely loved for the Grand National Wedding Cake competition in Tulsa, Oklahoma. To my shock and excitement, I placed 1st runner up! In that moment, I knew I hard to expand my reach past my small town.

So here we are! I can’t wait to share more cake and cookie love with you all! Stick around for all my caking shenanigans. You might learn something!