Leveling a Cake

///Leveling a Cake

Leveling a Cake


Alright! You’ve got a delicious cake baked, and it came out of the pan beautifully. Woohoo!!!! But . . . wait . . . now what!? How do we get from here to a stacked and iced cake? Well, buckle your seat belts! Because here we go!!!!


Cake easily out of pan


Before we try to fill and stack our yummy cakes, we have to level them! Don’t bother trying to level it out by overcompensating with your filling. That’s just asking for a whole lot of trouble and heartache. The cake is your foundation, and just like a house, without a good foundation, it will fail.

So how do we level these bad boys? Well, if you’ve got some money to spend, get yourself one of THESE! My sweet hubby bought me my very own Agbay several years ago, and it has been one of the BEST GIFTS EVER!!!! What can I say? He loves me! At any rate, if you can afford one, these are worth their weight in gold. They cut through cakes SO easily, and you have complete control over the height of you cake. I have had mine for over 6 years in a bakery setting. In other words, it gets used. A lot! The blades have been replaced once, but that’s the only maintenance it has needed. Can’t beat that, right?


Agbay at work


Agbay Leveled cake


All that being said, I also realize that not all of us can afford to hop online and order one right this second. Don’t panic! I have a lovely trick that will get you by until that blissful day when you can say “I do” to the amazing Agbay that is just waiting for you.

You want to know what it is, don’t you? I thought so. Grab those perfectly baked cakes, a ruler, toothpicks, and some dental floss. Yes, you heard me right. Dental floss! Go! Go get it out of the medicine cabinet now! (But please don’t use mint flavor unless you are craving a little mint flavor added to your cake.)


Leveling Tools


Set your cake on a clean surface. Now measure up from the table to the height you want your cake layer to be. Place toothpicks around the cake at that same height. Depending on the size of the cake, six to eight toothpicks is likely plenty.


measured cake


Cake marked with toothpicks


Now wrap your dental floss around the cake using your toothpicks as a guide. Cross the ends of the floss and pull straight across. It’s like magic! The dental floss will cut through the cake leaving you with a nice level layer of cake. Your cut won’t be as clean as an Agbay or sharp knife, but this technique can be a lifesaver! Now rinse and repeat. (Don’t actually rinse. It’s just a saying, people.)


cake wrapped with floss


Floss Pulled through


Floss leveled cake


Ta da! You did it! Now let’s fill and stack that baby so we can get to the decorating fun! Oh, you’re not sure how to do that? No worries! That’s coming up next. Stay tuned!


See you soon!


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