Christmas Decorated Sugar Cookies

///Christmas Decorated Sugar Cookies

Christmas Decorated Sugar Cookies


When we think about Christmas, cookies are almost always one of the first things that come to mind. Whether it be a Christmas cookie exchange or setting cookies out for Santa, cookies seem to play a major role int his holiday. So it only seemed right to share some Christmas cookie love with you!


christmas decorated sugar cookies


Old Frosty is pretty straight forward. Outline, flood, and detail. (As always, let your sections of flood icing dry for at least 30 minutes before flooding another section that touches the first one. Example: I flooded the snowman’s top and bottom sections. Waited 30 mintues, and then flooded the middle section.)


snowman cookie outline


snowman cookie flooded


snowman decorated sugar cookie


And our lovely snowflake only needs some piping to dress her up. I know most people would flood this cookie and then pipe on a snowflake, but I love the simple elegance of the bare cookie with simple piped lines.


snowflake decorated sugar cookie


Let’s move on to the fun pieces of this collection! I love wet-on-wet techniques! What on earth does that mean!? I’m glad you asked! Basically it means that while the flood icing is still wet, we add wet icing in a different color and manipulate it to create designs.

For our light bulb, I dropped in some lime green on the base and then a highlight on the bulb. Nice and easy!


light bulb base flooded


light bulb base flooded zig zag


light bulb flooded


christmas light bulb decorated sugar cookie


For the ornaments, I had some fun and played with them a little more. On the first one, I dropped in straight lines and used a toothpick (or scriber tool) to drag through them in alternating directions to create a marbled chevron effect.


ornament flooded red


ornament flooded with stripes


red christmas ornament decorated sugar cookie


For the green ornament, flood green and add in some white dots. Then grab your toothpick or scriber and pull out points to make a star pattern. After that, I chose to add some red dots because I never know when to stop!


Green ornament flooded

green ornament white dots

green ornament wet on wet stars

green christmas ornament decorated sugar cookie


The tree ornament was inspired by a student who did something similar while playing with icing in one of our cookie classes. All you have to do is zigzag a tree shape in green and lime. Then use your toothpick to drag the icing around till you like how it looks. Add a star and stem, and you’re done! A lovely set of Christmas cookies!!!


christmas decorated sugar cookies


Here is a video walk-through so you can see how it works.



See you next time!


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