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Pan Goo to the Rescue!


Imagine this: you mixed up a bowl of silky, delicious cake batter perfection. Batter was poured into cake pans and placed in a perfectly preheated oven. When the time came to flip your cakes out onto a cooling rack, half of the cake stuck to the pan, and the other half ripped in two on the way out. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Have you ever been there? I have! Almost brings a girl to tears knowing you have to start all over before you can get to the fun of decorating. *sniff*

Don’t worry! It will NEVER happen to you again! In comes your new superhero Pan Goo! He will protect your cakes and make sure they slide right out of the pan every time! Gotta love that guy! Bet you want him on your team too, right?

Apparently pan goo (though I’m sure it has a much more professional name somewhere, but where’s the fun in that!?) is an Amish tradition. Those guys do a lot of things right. Especially in the kitchen. Basically you mix equal parts flour, oil, and shortening. It’s that simple! I put mine in my lovely Kitchen Aid with a whisk attachment so that it comes out nice and smooth every time.


pan goo pour oil


Whipped pan go


Now get out your lovely cake pans. Yes, I said lovely! What!? Yours are all icky with baked on spray that you used to keep your cake from sticking? Well, get those bad boys cleaned up, and they will never look like that again if you use pan goo. This stuff washes out of cake pans like a dream!

Speaking of cake pans, I am a diehard Magic Line cake pan user. These pans are fabulous! Sides are nice and straight, square pans actually have square corners, and cakes bake up beautifully in them. And even better news, they are less expensive than a lot of brands! Are you doing a happy dance right now? I know I did!

And here I’ve gotten off track. Back to our superhero! Get out your cake pans and a nice silicone brush. Paint the inside of your pans till you have a nice even coat, and you cannot see any shiny cake pan surfaces. You can also put some parchment in the bottom of your pan, but that’s totally a matter of preference.


Brush pan goo into pan



Time to fill you cake pans! I like to weigh my batter as I pour into pans. That way each size cake is the same every time. I know my cakes will be tall enough, but I don’t run the risk of overflowing and ending up with a messy oven. Let’s face it. Nobody likes scraping up burnt cake from the bottom of the oven! Now get those cakes in the oven and enjoy how easy it is to get your cakes out of the pan!


Cake easily out of pan


And look how clean this pan is!!!!! That will be a breeze to wash!


clean cake pan


For a no fail cake recipe to test this out, check out my Easy Cake Recipe!


See you soon!



  1. Eva Boyles July 25, 2019 at 5:18 pm - Reply

    Would you mind sharing your Buttercream Frosting recipe with me? I took one of your cup cake classes and I have mis placed the sheet you gave us.

    • Rachel August 8, 2019 at 7:27 pm - Reply

      I would be happy to share it. If you would email me, I will send it along next time I am at the studio.

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