Sprinkle Stripes Cake

///Sprinkle Stripes Cake

Sprinkle Stripes Cake


A couple weeks ago, I set off towards Round Rock, Texas for the That Takes the Cake show with my partner in crime, a.k.a. the best mom ever. Cakes were boxed, the van was packed, and we hit the road. We made it three hours before the check engine light came on. . . In the middle of nowhere. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

So we found a small town and, after three stops, found someone who had a machine to read the codes. He said it was likely to be something to do with the timing chain. He told me that if I continued driving it, I would likely end up having to buy a whole new engine. But they couldn’t work on it right then because it was lunch hour. ARGH!!!

We started jumping through hoops and trying to find another way to get there. We eventually managed to get a ride from an elder at the local congregation to the closest car rental which happened to be half an hour away. (Thank goodness for church family!!!) At any rate, three hours later we had a rental van and were informed that all my van needed was an oil change. What!?!?!?

At that point, I was about ready to go home and call it quits. But we decided to go anyway, and you know what? It was SO worth it!!! As we were wandering through the vendor booths at the cake show, we happened upon a fun booth full of some of the best sprinkle blends I have ever seen!

I’ve never been a huge sprinkle person. Probably due to my lack of enthusiasm for cupcakes. But then Sprinkle Pop entered my life, and I am now obsessed! I want to sprinkle all the things. In fact, in the last two weeks since we got home from the competition, I have found excuses to use up almost ALL of the sprinkles we bought that weekend. And we’ve ordered more! Seriously, you need to check out her page and just drool. I won’t judge! I totally geeked out looking through the choices she had at the show.

So, of course, I had to make something for you guys with this amazingness.




I fell in love with Nursery Rhyme Mix and started picturing stripes of sprinkles in my head. But why stop there!? I decided to add ice cream inside the cake. Why have to scoop ice cream to go with when you can just put it inside and get it all in one slice?



There’s a video at the bottom where you can see the process in more detail. But here’s the cliff notes version on how to make space for the ice cream. Once you’ve got the cake split into layers, grab a big round cutter and cut out the center of the middle layers. Don’t cut your top and bottom layer! That’s what holds the ice cream in and keeps you from having a BIG mess on your hands!




See how that creates a nice “bowl” to hold your ice cream?




As you fill the cake, you can add the ice cream into the middle.




Check out the video for how to make the super fun stripes!




I like my ice cream a little melty. But if you are more patient than I am, you can chill your cake longer and have a cake that slices a little cleaner.




And here is the promised video!



Give it a try and then tell me what your favorite sprinkle cake design is. Until next time!



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