Sweet Valentine Cake

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Sweet Valentine Cake


A few years ago I was working on a competition cake with a lovely painted birch forest scene, and I decided to paint in a carved heart with initials on one of the trees. My then 5 year old daughter pranced in and said, “Seriously, Mom!? A LOVE cake???” LOL! I about fell out of my chair!

With Valentine’s looming around the corner, I bring you . . . you guessed it! Another LOVE cake! This is a fun, quick cake design you can whip up in no time.

I love vintage colors, so that was a no-brainer. But I wanted to do a bolder design than you typically see with those colors. Hence, this super fun, swirly heart design.




This is a pretty straightforward design, but I like to mark my cake before I start adding design features. I always end up with a much nicer and more polished end result. To mark the heart, I used the same cutter I planned to cut my heart with and scratched the outline with a scriber tool. (A toothpick would work just fine!) Then I added marks for the swirls. Now we start laying in the detail!




I started with the swirls. It’s important to make them smooth and even. If you try to roll them in your hands, you will end up with lumpy, bumpy ropes. The easiest way I’ve found to roll them smoothly is to roll them with a fondant smoother. If you want to be certain that all of the ropes are sized identically, you can roll a dowel or similar item in the size you choose right alongside the fondant under the smoother. Then use your hands and taper one end to create the tip of the spiral. Ivory spirals came first.




Now add some light pink curls.




Next, we need our big heart. Everybody needs a big heart for Valentine’s Day! I wanted a bit of a puffy look, so here’s the perfect trick for that. Roll out your fondant and cover it with a piece of saran wrap. Now cut like normal.




When you pull the cutter away, you will see that the edges have curled down and created this pit of a puffed effect.








Then we add some molded hearts. I used a silicone mint mold since it was the perfect size. However, if you have a smaller heart cutter, you could use the same plastic wrap technique to make some more hearts.




The final step was to add some gold dragees. If you choose to use these, I highly recommend removing them before serving the cake. They are very hard, and not so great to crunch down on. Especially if you have sensitive teeth. Ouch!!! But they are sooooo pretty! So let’s do it! In my opinion, the best/easiest way to attach them securely is a small dot of royal icing. I strongly suggest using a color that matches the background of the cake. I made mine just a little darker so that you could see what I’m talking about.




And here is our finished beauty! Super fun, and oh so pretty!




So go make a LOVE cake! See you next time!



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