Tractor Decorated Cookies

///Tractor Decorated Cookies

Tractor Decorated Cookies


Growing up, my grandpa always had big equipment sitting around. Excavators, tractors, bulldozer, dump truck, you name it! And my son has inherited Grandpa’s love of those things. So when I had the opportunity to make these tractor cookies, I was thrilled!


tractor cookies


When making decorated cookies, you need two consistencies of icing: piping and flood. If you need a refresher on flood consistency, check out this video:


So let’s jump in! On a design like this, it really helps to have guidelines for piping. Don’t be afraid to grab an edible marker and sketch out your lines to make it easier.


edible marker outline


I also find it easier to pipe all of my outlines before flooding. If you outline and flood one section and then try to go back and outline another section, it can be tricky if the design is very complicated.


piping outline


tractor cookies outline


Now we can start flooding! And as always, let your flood icing dry for 30 minutes before flooding a section that touches the first one. Otherwise they will run together and you will lose the definition.


tractor body flooded


windows flooded


tires flooded


Once that has had some drying time, we can start laying in details. I pulled out my edible marker again for adding the silhouettes in the cab. But you must make sure that icing is completely dry before you start drawing on it! In my experience so far, the Americolor markers, while not the finest tip, give the most solid and true black coverage.


wheel wells and hub caps


cab detail


tractor cookies


And we’re done! Check out this video for a replay of these cookies done in less than 3 minutes. If only it was actually that fast to do!



See you soon!


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